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so very tired

I have half an hour...wait, no, that was ten minutes ago...I have twenty minutes before I have to start getting ready for work. It's a little after seven in the morning and I've been up for more than half an hour already. I'm so damn tired, and I couldn't even find the focus to write at all. I had been hoping to get some done, since I have about sixteen hundred words left before I'm completely done with nanowrimo. I should have finished it on Monday, but my first day back to work only ended in physical misery. Not just the leg, my whole body. Ugh.

Oh, yeah...I didn't write about my injury at all. A month stuck on the couch and I never once wrote in my livejournal. Hmmm. Anyway, torn calf muscle, stuck on couch, four weeks. Fun. And this is my first week back to work. It's been kind of hard. I'm glad I'm getting off at four today. Oh, well. Onward and Upward.


Okay, plans for Sunday.

Egg souffles at Panera
Writing at Borders?
Clean up the house a bit.
Watch traditional Halloween things!!! (This has been put off every night for two weeks now)

Big Sunday.


7 hours later...

Its Done! I am officially writing on my own computer! And this could have been done months ago! Seriously! I finally got onto the Sony website, which I had been avoiding, because the Geek Squad told me I would have to order restore discs and that would probably cost me about thirty or forty dollars. Cheaper than buying a new OS, admittedly, but I have found myself in a serious financial pinch lately, and I didn't want to start the process until I had the extra money. Meanwhile, Nanowrimo looms ever nearer.
When I got onto the site, however, and made it detect my computer model, it told me that all I had to do was create restore discs from the hidden recovery packet installed in my system. It took a couple of hours to create the discs (all eight of them)but I finally had them. A few more hours later and I had saved the most important data and completely restored my computer. Another two hours or so to re-install the software most important to me - some of which was being squirrelly with serial numbers and things I couldn't find. I must thank katsie for helping me with that. She found a serial number when I was about to start knocking my head against the coffee table to make the pain go away. It was ten thirty at night, and I was getting kinda tired.
As it is, I don't have my previous virus and spyware programs, I'm running off of trials. I'll figure out how to re-download those later.
So happy!

One of those weeks...

I think I'm over-due for a report. I miss having my own computer. I got mine back from the Geek Squad sometime this weekend - a mark of how tiring my week was; I can't remember which day I picked it up - but nothing came up in the diagnostic. They say I need to do a complete system restore...I just don't have the discs to do it. I didn't get any when I purchased the computer, so I have to call Sony and order them instead. I just hope it doesn't cost any money, since I'm a little tapped now. 

That Day That Wont Die

I'm done. I'm ready to go home now. But no, another customer is walking in right now... She wants to sign up for Water Aerobics. Lovely for her.

Day one of weight Watchers:
Good Things:
Crystal Light - zero points and tastes great
Sparkling water - ditto
Smart Ones Spaghetti - it was a lot better than I expected. I liked it.
Snack cookies and bars that are really low on points.

Bad Things
My internal pessimist
Adjusting to being a less filled most of the time.

A good recipe from the Weight Watcher's site, for people like me who wont want to cook after work:

2 basic bean burritos from a fast food taco place
2 tablespoons of guacamole
a small bowl of salad greens
a tablespoon of dressing
12 points

I could probably even do one burrito - 7 points. Not bad. I'm ready for dinner...I'm ready to go home...
*sigh* twenty minutes to go. Someone could walk in at any time.

Computer Death

I finally got ahold of the Geek Squad at best buy to talk about my poor, poor sick computer. I may have a problem, since I don't seem to have any backup disks. That could get costly. Fortunately, since my hardware is still under warranty I won't have to pay for the diagnosis...I'll just have to pay for everything that has to do with the software, like the repair portion.
I told the guy about how my computer has been acting oddly, the stuttering sound, the long load time, and the weird way the internet was acting, despite my antivirus and spysweeper stuff coming up clean, and doing disk cleanups and defrags. He says I might have been hacked. So I need to keep it off now at all times. Thank goodness katsie is generous with her computer. Especially since she'll be away from home a lot for the next few weeks due to her parents arrival. Thank you, katsie!
I figure I'll put my writing on my thumb drive for the time being. Man, I can't stand to think about my computer being hacked! Especially since I have a wireless service, so it is feasable that they might be able to access my computer even when it is off! Aaaargh.
This has been an interesting week. $200 down on my car, which finally cut out on my last weekend, my computer is dying (another $150), my manager was out sick (possibly with heart issues, possibly with severe anxiety...our job is a little stressful, eh?)so I was sort of de facto leader, since I have the seniority and experience needed.
There was a challenge every day, since I was handling the things that he normally handles, doing my own work on the front line, and dealing with anything that my co-workers are unable (or are too lazy, as with some cases)to do. After all, we are still training the new girl, and she can't do anything with facility rentals. Those are the hardest,so whenever I have to stop and handle those things on top of whatever I'm already doing, it is a burden. All specialty rentals come to me, and when a customer who rented a picnic unit had a serious problem, I got to sit and listen to him coldly tear our institution to shreds and talk poorly about our staff for ten minutes or more. It was something of a crisis, and I had to get the District Administrator involved.

All in all, I'm glad its Saturday. So, onward to jury duty next week!


Kinda cool...

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Evil, Evil Car of Doom!

The day has been non-stop since I got back from lunch. We have people flooding in, and we are down one person. Apparently, Bird had to go in for her MRI this morning - but she didn't tell Mr. M. So he was unexpectedly alone. Good way to get our boss off on the wrong foot. I also get the information that my FAFSA processed - a lot quicker than I expected - but when I call the school financial aid office, they tell me shortly that it could still be a couple of weeks before they get it. I start to stress out a bit, but we are too busy for me to really get into it. I am still processing things ten minutes after we close, have to help my co-worker balance, then finally get to balance myself.

I get to go home!

Or so I think. I get into my car and try to start it. It laughs at me. Not in a nice way, no, in a sickly, clicking sort of way that sounds a lot like a machine gun with a silencer. You know. Like in the movies.
All of the little dials and lights are waggling around, and my CD player starts to load, but the car does nothing in the way of starting.

I finally come back to the office and call my mother. Thank the Lord that she actually answered. My mother manages to remain strangely positive about it. I'm not. The glass is half EMPTY dammit! I mean, my car is now worth a little better than half of what it cost me - or what I got the loan for, anyway - so I can't really think about selling it and buying a new one. I still owe nearly ten thousand dollars on it. I have a couple hundred in my line of credit, but that wont carry me too far. True, I've had the car for over a year and this is the first real trouble, but it was a gas hog from the start.
She is also very positive about the whole school thing. I may not be able to give two weeks notice...but I have to do what is right for me, I suppose.

AAAAAAAARGH! I just want to go home!


It has been a year today (according to my automatic payment email) that I have been on Livejournal. Happy Anniversary to me, especially since tomorrow is my birthday. Cool. Don't quite know what I am doing for my birthday tomorrow, but I'm going to think of something good. Three-day weekend!

I'm all keyed up, because I very well might be going back to school this summer, full time. That would mean that - with financial aid - I can quit my stupid, unfair job. The one where a girl who has only been here 9 months or so is making a dollar more than me - and, I found out, was the one being considered for the full-time position and benefits. In fact, our boss was making the position for her to begin with.
Now I have nothing against Bird personally. I like her a lot, she's a good friend. But I'm a good worker, who adapts to anything my boss wants. (I'm actually beginning to resent that trait about myself)
But Bird just put in her two-week notice. I want out, too, before summer busyness takes its toll. Desperately.
So I came up with the idea of trying to scrape my way into the summer courses at the community college. I'm barely under the wire, and I might not make it, but its worth a try. I was talking about it with Bird, and she mentioned that she wanted to go to school really badly rather than move horizontally to another crappy job. So I asked her why she wasn't doing what I was doing.
The next day she came back and said that the idea had lodged into her brain, and she wanted to try going with me so that we could carpool and encourage each other. Our majors will be very different, but that doesn't matter. Here's to hoping I'll be out of this job by May 21st.


The highlight of my day...

Vampiric Pack-Rat Cows.

And a vacuum cleaner named Witch Hazel.

Oh, it is good to laugh.

Good luck with your root canal, katsie, I hope you feel better. And get better drugs