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Oh my gosh I'm tired.


My fingers are swollen. I nearly scared myself witless with what I wrote last. As I was getting up to the end, I think I made the stuff I was writing a little less scary that I had intended, which means I need to pick back up there next time and do it justice. Ugh, tomorrow, though.

I barely made my time limit...


It was coming a little slower tonight. I had to work to make it, and I only had four minutes left.


There we go. Done for tonight. Time for harvest moon!

last but not least.

Here we go. I'm done for the night.


Hard But Profitable.

My first foray into the write or die world.


My next foray begins. Maybe I'll think a little more about the words I put down rather than just writing whatever comes to mind. Still, I have to leave the inner critic at the door for now...

okay, so it's my turn

1. Are you male or female? Party Girl
2. Describe yourself. Stranger In A Strange Land
3. What do people feel when they're around you? Stay(Faraway,So Close)
4. How would you describe your previous relationship? I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
5. Describe your current relationship. Another Time, Another Place
6. Where would you want to be now? The Ocean
7. How do you feel about love? Two Hearts Beat As One
8. What's your life like? Some Days Are Better Than Others
9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish? Peace On Earth
10. Say something wise. Love And Peace Or Else

Tea and cake or death, too.

I just have to say, U2 has a severe deficit of songs with females in the title. And I thought for sure they would have more titles implying aloneness or coldness or something...

among other things... I need new icons

I have really let my live journal slide... which is stupid since I pay for it every year. My chest feels heavy tonight. I've been feeling like this for a few days, but I can't really find an outlet. I know my stress level is high right now because of all of the changes I'm trying to make. I mean, new job, new apartment, new city... thats nothing to sneeze at. But I've learned something about myself lately. I don't do well in one place for too long. When I'm allowed to stay still for more than a few years, I take root and get stagnant and I feel like I can't breathe. I need to have some sort of goal, something to work on or look forward to. I need change. If I could, I'd travel a lot and DO things with my life. I'm going to try not to dwell on this tonight. It doesn't accomplish anything and makes it hard for me to sleep. *heavy sigh*

Back to work on Friday.

Its been a long time

Wow, the last time I updated was February 5th. So much has happened in that time, my brain just wants to shut down. But I guess I still work at the same place, so not much worth mentioning has actually happened. I did get my stimulus money last weekend, so I got my Nintendo DS. I've been wanting it for a long time now, so I'm thrilled. I'm now about halfway through the phantom hourglass. Ironically, my mother bought one before me and has been playing it for about four weeks now. I'm ahead of her. She's not much of a gamer, so each phase of the game takes a lot more thought for her than for me. After all, I've already beaten windwaker four times, so the concepts of zelda aren't new to me.

Coming up this week: Two weeks of free time to write. I'm turning it into a writing project for myself. I want to write at least a thousand words a day. That's nothing in comparison to Nanowrimo, so I should be fine with it. Maybe I'll actually break through the mental barrier that is holding back leigons of plot points and secrets and make headway on the story itself. I do think that Judikael will be popping up, so I'm looking forward to it.

Well, that's my little update after almost six months of silence. Worth it?


You are the moment when the last bell rings and school lets out for the day. You are resistant to schedules and obligations, so you love feeling like you're in control of your life again. You are the very moment when the second hand hits the 12, and the halls fill with noise and motion. Even if your after-school time is packed with activities, lessons, or a job, somehow, you just feel freer in the late afternoon than you do earlier in the day. Maybe it's all that blue sky and afternoon sunshine? Nah -- even on rainy days, 3:15 is always a beautiful time.

borrowed meme

I got this from alswaiter's page. It looked interesting...

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band Name: Villanueva de Campeán
Album Name: Henry de Beauchamp, 1st Duke of Warwick

1. Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
2. Bonvicino
3. Petru Dugulescu
4. Petershagen-Eggersdorf
5. W. A. Samuel Smith
6. Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
7. Yingao Road (Shanghai Metro)
8. Meyonohk (Edmonton)
9. Chrysler LH engine
10. Mutants and Masterminds
11. I Hate U
12. Bronygarth
13. List of asteroids/147901–148000
14. Original New Orleans Jazz Band
15. Sam Caligiuri


Why is it that the day can be completely slow, but the minute you set out to do something, like, say, post to your livejournal, a customer walks in? Why am I so lucky?

Anyway, those people are gone now. There are three people in the office, but they want me. Even though someone else began helping them. Go figure. This is a test one of my coworkers had me take:

My real age was 23.9 and my life expectancy is 76.1.

Does that mean I'm immature?

You Know a Lot About Christmas

You got 6/10 correct

You know tons about the history and traditions surrounding Christmas.
When you celebrate the holidays, you never forget their true meaning - or all the little fun details.

Random Christmas fact: Some people believe that all animals can speak on Christmas Eve. But it's bad luck to test this superstition.

Was it French Priests or German Monks who invented candy canes? I should know this. I just saw it on one of the food network shows.